Our database has salt responsive genes (SRGs) and drought responsive genes (DRGs) in rice identified from different experiments. For the identification of SRGs and DRGs, the raw data available in the public domain were analyzed employing uniform parameters in R. Search for SRGs and DRGs has been enabled from genotypes (varieties), growth stages and specific tissues used in the microarray experiment. Common SRGs & DRGs across varieties (up to 3) can also be searched by the user. Search for a particular rice locus would fetch information whether it is a SRG or DRGs and if yes, the different experiments which identified it. External link to genome browser is also available under Locus search. For the benefit of breeders, the search for microsatellites markers in SRG and DRGs loci is also enabled. Batch retrieval is also possible in case of Locus based SRG/DRG and microsatellite marker search. There is additional information available on the link where genes which are differentially expressed under both the abiotic stresses are listed.

Salt RGs

Drought RGs

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